New Mayhem - Whiplash Lyrics

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New Mayhem Whiplash Lyrics

[Verse I]
Longevity really is a reverie, ain’t it?
Staying relevant until you’re two-thirds anus
Isn’t that the elephant that always pains us?
How much time until a halfwit eats it?
How many rhymes until their ears bulimic?
How many songs ‘til you don’t chart frequent?
One? Is it two? Is it five? Is it ten?
You gotta stick to the beef, or your chances slim
Of keeping the name trending again
No number of dollars or euro or yen
Can buy you out of obfuscation
Can buy you more than a passing glance
So keep up the hellbent energy, adamant
Don’t be complacent, passable, pathetic
Momentum slows, you’re out of the door
You’re out on the street, repeat no more

Success is like a slow dance
That you start at junior prom
Your hands are on her waist, it’s great
At starting of the song
But as the waltz progresses
You can tell she’s getting restless
With each quarter step, you start to sweat
Your heartbeat quick, your palms are wet
You’ve gotta make a move, and soon
Or else you’ll miss out on the smooch
So carefully, you lean your head in
Lips are puckered, eyes are shutted
This is it! This is it! Yet before you plant that kiss
A Camry crashes through the dance floor
Smashing through you and success

Your head gonna spin so fast
When your career crash
It’ll feel like whiplash

[Verse II]
Pop off with the green like gong cha
Want a good long life like grandpa
But you’ll get ground young like matcha
Lest you learn to mature like Mothra
When you start, it’s all goo goo gaga
And that’s lit, for a one-hit wonder
But if you wanna stick around like a lobster
You might wanna write more than a chapter
Are you on the surfboard
Or are you just a drop in the wave?
When it crash, that it is, that is case
Yeah, you wanna be one put the flag in the south pole
You wanna be the moon that direct all the tidals
Never be the one that succumb to a sell-out
Legacy or wealth, which the pill that you swallow
You may get both, or you might get none
While you’re here at the wheel, make a choice, make it soon!

Your head gonna spin so fast
When your career crash
It’ll feel like whiplash

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